Your local Dog Grooming Salon in Wrose.

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81 Westfield Lane, Wrose 

 "I look after your pooch as if it was my own"


I am a fully qualified dog groomer and genuine dog lover, who will care for your dog as much as you do.

 The services we offer range from an express wash and dry to a full groom (please see our services page for prices).  All breeds are welcome! 

 please call 07530 303260 for a price

A health check is carried out on all full grooms which includes the nose, eyes, teeth and paws.  Customers can buy further treatment / accessories from the groomer 

(Before a groom it would be beneficial to both the dog and the groomer to take the dog for a long walk, this will make the dog less energetic and more importantly less likely to do their business whilst being groomed.

Does your big pooch need a good bath and blast to get rid of all the undercoat. Is its coat dull and lets be honest a bit wiffy. Are you having to vac daily

Let me give yourdog a deep clean and blast that undercoat away.

All for £20

(2 shampoos 1 conditioner. Up to 30 mins of blasting). Whole process takes about 1 hour.  Poochie isn't completely dried, but will comeback to you very slightly damp. Overall of the above with a completely dry dog for £35.00

Please have a look in the gallery for a look at Bodie all shiney and clean

Please note: some dogs are fearful of the dryer and just cant stand it, in this case theyaren't suitable for a complete dry.Should you need to reschedule, please try and let us know at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.

Please call now to discuss your requirements, even for a quick nosey round


07530 303260

81 Westfield Lane Wrose, Bd18 1LH