As a small business, I want to offer the best service for you and your doggie friends.

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As fully qualified dog groomer I offer the following services:

* Express Wash and Dry: Prices range from between £10 and £40 depending on the breed and the size of your dog.

* Full Groom (includes wash, dry, cut/clip, nail clipping and health check**). Please call to discuss prices for individual dogs. Our price list is a guide

* Please note that should your dogs coat be severely matted, extra costs may be incurred, your groomer will advise  

* Nail Clipping £5, but  is included in a full groom price

* A health check is carried out on all full grooms which includes the ears, nose, eyes, teeth and paws.  

* Should you need to reschedule, please try and let us know at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.

Please call Tracey now on

 07530 303260

81 Westfield Lane Wrose, Bd18 1LH